About APCL Cricket T20 Tournament

APCL Cricket T20 Tournament is a T20 Cricket League based in India and Melbourne, Register today to participate in APCL Cricket Cricket T20 Tournament. Open for all boys with Cricketing Skills in Batting, Bowling & Fielding 18+ years.

Also you have the opportunity to buy your team name and make it ready to compete in the Championship in 2017. The winning team will get a cash price of 15,00000/- plus handsome gifts.

Our Vision

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in India played at different levels; domestic, local and international. Due to its huge popularity in all regions of India, Cricket is also famous in all over India. Cricket has been played in India for over many years now and contrastingly India holds some of the major dominant names amongst the history of Cricket worldwide.

In order to appreciate and acknowledge the passion of Cricket lovers in the country, APCL will be launched in India on 5th March 2016. This will enhance the game’s popularity within the country and will allow more people-community involvement, at local, state and national level.

At APCL Launch

  • Leading Team of Cricketers will unveil the APCL Cricket T20 Tournament Logo along with the Trophy for the Event.
  • All teams are registered with APCL Cricket T20 Tournament India .
  • Up to 16 teams will be auctioned (NAME ONLY). There after teams’ owners shall choose their players and henceforth decide independently upon the Captaincy and players of their teams.
  • Prize categories shall be announced at the launch with the top cash prize for the winning team being INR 15,00000.
  • The Launch night shall be full of entertainment by multicultural performers.
  • APCL’s commitment towards CHARITY stands with its association with RAMON HELPS INC Australia. This association shall be acknowledged at the launch. APCL Cricket T20 Tournament is proud to support a great cause and will not hesitate to extend a hand of help.

APCL Supports Local Players

APCL Cricket T20 Tournament believes in growing hand in hand within the community by supporting local sportsmen. Through Australian Premier Cricket League India, the young players will be given an opportunity to exhibit their talent at such a prestigious nationwide platform.

The launch of the most entertaining format in the history of Cricket in Australia India, ‘Australian Premier Cricket league India’ will be held 5th of March 2016. At the day of the launch, interested business owners can bid to pick their favorite teams which shall represent them thereafter.

People Behind APCL Cricket T20 Tournament

AVNIESH BHARDWAJ: Entrepreneur; Founder of Yabs (Estd in 2004). Owner- Yabs Pty Ltd- Yabs Business Consultants, Yabs Finance, Yabs Migration; Owner- Top Security Lockers, Aussie Visa Link, AS Services, AS Entertainment, AS Infotech and more…

How this event benefits community?

  • It acts as a platform for many players to exhibit their sport skills.
  • APCL’s support to Ramon Helps Inc would make a positive difference in its campaign to stop violence against women.
  • APCL India aims to bring wider community together.